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Olga Kotelko – A Key For Achieving Healthy And Long Life

The life of Olga Kotelko and her achievements was subject to research by several different organizations due to her being a superior senior athlete that showed the physical strength that was unbelievable. Everyone wanted to know how she managed to compete on a level that surpassed individuals that were ten or twenty years younger and a lot of that came on the surface in the autobiography.

Change the way you perceive the world

It turns out that vitality and longevity of Olga Kotelko originate from the way she lived her life. She started her successful sports career in her 77th year, and she went on to win over a thousand of medals until 2014 (when she died in her 95th year). But her pre-track and field life was also something that is important for people who want to understand how she managed to become the Olga Kotelko we all know.

She lived a healthy and balanced life that didn’t have a focus on physical prowess. She didn’t cut on some ingredients but ate everything in equal quantities. Regular exercise and yoga helped her maintain a healthy body that defied reasonable standards for people her age and she kept it throughout her life.

Mind over matter

Mind-Over-MatterOlga’s physical prowess wasn’t the most extraordinary thing about her. Her brain was something that interested most of the scientists that approached her. The state of her mind in last year of her life was better than the majority of old people who had 65 or more at that time, and those people were 30 years younger than Olga.

The brain shrinks after the age of 65 because people tend to sit around all day and do nothing. The fact that Olga started exercising and playing various sports at that age is the primary reason for the state in which her brain was. Her brain developed further, rather than slowing down, because she kept it active at all times.

The physical and mental training she employed kept her body healthy, and she didn’t encounter medical issues that are common in old people. She never had a high blood pressure and other heart problems because she kept training until the day she died.

Conclusion – Live like Olga Kotelko

All people that want to have a happy life, especially those that are older, should live like Olga. Do regular physical and mental exercises you won’t have to suffer through the later stage of your life.