Olympian Olga Kotelko Took Care of Her Physical, Financial Health

To many, the name Olga Kotelko is not one that really jumps out. However, she is one of the most inspirational people that has ever walked the earth, as she is the world record holder in over 30 different events and holds the record for 750 gold medals earned at the Masters level in Olympic competition.

It is remarkable what Olga was able to accomplish, winning all of these competitions when she was over the age of 90. Most of us have difficulty getting up out of our chair to get to the dinner table at 90, yet she was out competing in events like a hammer throw, 100 meter dash, and even the mile. At 90, she became the oldest woman to ever compete in the long jump competition, truly becoming a role model for future generations on what it means to be able to care for your physical body so much that you can enjoy being able to live life to its fullest in your golden years.

Understand though that Olga was not only a person who planned for her future by taking care of herself physically. She wanted to ensure that she had the ability and opportunity to enjoy life and to compete in these competitions, understanding that it required her to have financial stability to be able to do so. This is where far too many of us fail in our lives, denying ourselves opportunities to live as Olga did.

This does not have to be you though. By visiting financial organizations such as Paradise Group, you give yourself the ability to start planning for the future so that when you reach retirement, you don’t have to sit around watching television all day. Instead, you can be reaching for the stars, racing across the globe, and being a role model for future generations to follow, just as Olga was.

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