Meet Olga Kotelko, The Best Athlete Of All Times


Olga Kotelko was born in Ukraine, in 1941 in Vonda. She worked as a teacher in the local school, but when she was pregnant with her second child, she had a divorce and moved to British Columbia. Ever since then she was playing basketball and after, softball. Not until 1984, when she ended her teaching career she started running.


Her accomplishments

One of her main accomplishments was in 1999 in England. At the World Association of Veteran Athletes (WAVA) she broke 6 records at that time and won 6 medals. All the medals were golden. Her, next to main accomplishment was at World Masters Games when she broke the record on 100 meters and in her age group, which by the way was between 90 and 95 years!

In 2010, she was known as an athlete who held 23 world records, most of which were age-based. Ever since then, she has been known as the best and the oldest athlete in the world.

Her accomplishments are still impressive in the lack of a better word. Keep in mind that this was a 95-year athlete who was the best in various competitions across the world. Her achievements are still studied and kept as the most impressive facts in the world of athletes.

Related studies

One of the most impressive facts regarding the athlete in question is the studies which have been related to her physiology and her muscles. Scientists and researchers at McGill University’s Montreal Chest Institute and Montreal Neurological Institute analyzed and tested the muscle tissue, among other things.

What’s interesting is the fact they haven’t discovered the mitochondrial decay, which is perfectly normal and common in people aged 65 or above. Olga didn’t have this decay, which allowed her to reach results we have mentioned. In addition, her muscle tissue was in remarkable condition at the age 91, another impressive fact. These are just some studies and you should know that researchers from all over the world are still analyzing and testing her physiology in order to determine how those results were actually possible.


Olga Kotelko has been the best athlete in the world ever. She is the world-known person who was able to reach impressive results across the planet.

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