Olga Kotelko was a legend of track and field, and each of the 750 gold medals is there to prove the point. If that isn’t enough, then you can go and sift through 37 world records in multiple disciplines including 100m, Javelin, long jump, and discus.

The extent of success she achieved in a wide array of disciplines made her unique, and thus many scientists worked with her to find out how was she able to achieve all that. The research revealed a lot of things about Olga, and you can get a majority of that in the autobiography she wrote with co-writer Roxanne Davies.

The life of Olga Kotelko was too eventful for a biography as short as this one is. She deserves a book, rather than a blog article, but we will do everything we can to present you this elegant lady and her accomplishments.

Olga Kotelko was born in 1919, in Smuts, Saskatchewan, from Ukrainian parents Wasyl and Anna (immigrants). She had many hobbies throughout the life, and that included cooking and gardening which she kept doing until the June 24 when she died. Her career allowed her to travel to all sides of the world, including Brazil, Finland, Germany and much more.