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Olympian Olga Kotelko Took Care of Her Physical, Financial Health

To many, the name Olga Kotelko is not one that really jumps out. However, she is one of the most inspirational people that has ever walked the earth, as she is the world record holder in over 30 different events and holds the record for 750 gold medals earned at the Masters level in Olympic competition.

It is remarkable what Olga was able to accomplish, winning all of these competitions when she was over the age of 90. Most of us have difficulty getting up out of our chair to get to the dinner table at 90, yet she was out competing in events like a hammer throw, 100 meter dash, and even the mile. At 90, she became the oldest woman to ever compete in the long jump competition, truly becoming a role model for future generations on what it means to be able to care for your physical body so much that you can enjoy being able to live life to its fullest in your golden years.

Understand though that Olga was not only a person who planned for her future by taking care of herself physically. She wanted to ensure that she had the ability and opportunity to enjoy life and to compete in these competitions, understanding that it required her to have financial stability to be able to do so. This is where far too many of us fail in our lives, denying ourselves opportunities to live as Olga did.

This does not have to be you though. By visiting financial organizations such as Paradise Group, you give yourself the ability to start planning for the future so that when you reach retirement, you don’t have to sit around watching television all day. Instead, you can be reaching for the stars, racing across the globe, and being a role model for future generations to follow, just as Olga was.



Final Answer How Olga Kotelko Managed To Achieve So Much

Nowadays, you may know about Olga Kotelko, a woman who achieved so much in her late 70s and 80s. This remarkable grandmother became an athlete in her 70s (at age 77 more precise). In 20 years, she won 750 gold medals and believe or not, set 37 world records. So, how she did it?

Aga Burzynska a neuroscientist from the United States, conducted a series of tests, including MRI in order to provide the answer. By the way, Aga is a rock climber who always wanted to know how our body and mind cooperate together in such a unique way. Back then, Olga was an unknown woman, so they had to buy YouTube views in order to make her better known.

The results of the tests

At the first sight, the test was ordinary. Olga had a normal brain, which was aged, meaning that it lost some of its brain matter and there were problematic spots. But, the secret was in the corpus callosum and the amount of white matter. This part of the brain is responsible for communication between two brain hemispheres. In fact, Olga had more white matter here than much younger women, who participated in a study conducted by the same researcher.

This natural ‘’improvement’’ allowed Olga to use the full benefits of its brain for much longer than most people can. It protected her from dementia, which occurs in 30% of elderly people (above age 85). Now, scientists will try to simulate the same advantage in a lab.









Olga Kotelko, Remember the Great Canadian Athlete

When one thinks about great Olympic athletes of all time, Canada is usually not the location where many minds begin to wander when considering these incredible athletes. However, Olga Kotelko was one of the greatest track and field champions of all time, once holding over 30 world records and she would go on to win over 750 gold medals in the Masters age competitions until passing away at the age of 95 years old.

Olga was born to an immigrant farmer who came from the Ukraine to Canada before she was born. She was the seventh of 11 children in the family, but was clearly the most athletic of them. She always starred in baseball as a youngster, despite the fact of being a girl, and she would later take up softball and play into her mid-70s.

She clearly established herself as a person who took incredible care of herself despite the fact of never having to take advantage of something like coolsculpting gold coast. The star track and field athlete competed at many of the world championship events including reaching the XXI Winter Olympic Games at the age of 91. She continued to compete in such events as the 100 meter dash, the 200 m, the 400 m, the 4 x 100 m relay, as well as the long, triple, and high jump. Amazingly, she even competed at such events as the shot put, discus, and javelin throw despite the fact of being 90 years old at the time.

Despite never having to take any kind of supplements to increase her physical endurance or to lose fat by using some method like coolsculpting , Olga Kotelko established herself as one of the most incredible physical specimens of all time. In fact, she was the subject of an incredible study performed by the Montréal neurological Institute, located at McGill University in Montréal, where her physiology and muscle tissues were examined to see how she had been able to maintain such incredible physical prowess into such an old age. The study discovered that she had no mitochondrial decay in her at all, which is something that is commonly found in people that were 30 years younger than her. She truly was an extraordinary human being.

Sadly, on June 24, 2014 Olga passed away. Her body had held out for so long but she would suffer from an intracranial hemorrhage that would take her life. She truly was a woman to be admired.