what makes olga runWhat Makes Olga Run?
The Mystery of the 90-Something Track Star and What She Can Teach Us About Living Longer, Happier Lives
A fascinating look at the way we age today and the extent to which we can shape the process

Bruce Grierson explores what the wild success of a ninety-three-year-old track star can tell us about how our bodies and minds age. Olga Kotelko was not your average ninety-three-year-old. She not only looked and acted like a much younger woman, she held over twenty-three world records in track and field, seventeen in her ninety to ninety-five category. Convinced that this remarkable woman could help unlock many of the mysteries of aging, Grierson set out to uncover what it is that drove Olga.

He considers every piece of the puzzle, from her diet and sleep habits to how she scored on various personality traits, from what she did in her spare time to her family history. Olga participated in tests administered by some of the world’s leading scientists and offered her DNA to groundbreaking research trials. What emerged was not only a tremendously uplifting personal story but a look at the extent to which our health and longevity are determined by the DNA we inherit at birth, and the extent to which we can shape that inheritance. It examines the sum of our genes, opportunities, and choices, and the factors that forge the course of any life, especially during our golden years.

“Smart and engaging, What Makes Olga Run is also profoundly inspiring. It will make you wish you were half as fit and exuberant as Olga, whatever your age, while providing a fascinating look at the latest science on aging.”
—Gretchen Reynolds, author of The First 20 Minutes

The OK Way to a Healthy, Happy LifeOlga: The OK Way to a Healthy, Happy Life – Spring 2014
The inspiring story of a 95-year-old ‘Masters’ athlete who shared her secrets for longevity

In her memoir, Olga reflected on her early years as a teacher and mother in Saskatchewan and British Columbia. She shared her determination and positive attitude, two qualities that served her well when dealing with life’s challenges. She also outlined a path toward energy and health that can start at any age. At a time when most of us would be relaxing in our recliners, Olga, at 77, tested her self-discipline and strong work ethic when she began competing around the world in track and field events. Over the past 18 years, she broke world records and earned gold medals. How did she do it? The answers are in her book.

Olga provides a system of common sense eating and exercising (with photos) to start you on the path to fitness and longevity. You’ll find all the required elements to help you succeed:
  • Tips on nutrition and vitamins,
  • Recipes,
  • Stretches and exercises,
  • Demonstrations of Reflexology, and
  • Humorous tidbits to tickle your funny bone.
This extraordinary track star was passionate about encouraging others to enjoy a healthy lifestyle that benefits body, mind, and spirit.

Olga makes it easy for readers to achieve great results as they get in shape, so they too can be fit and happy in their nineties.


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